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UTICA — The state’s foremost agricultural official visited Utica’s locally owned supermarket Tuesday.

And Patrick Hooker, state agriculture commissioner, was pleased with Chanatry’s Supermarkets Inc. focus on locally grown produce.

“We need to have a very balanced diet,” Hooker said. “We are not, as a country, eating enough vegetables.”

The appearance was prompted by a feature story about the store by The Produce News, an international weekly trade publication based out of New Jersey. The article will appear June 28.

Produce News Vice President Gordon Hochberg, who will author the story, and Ken Brickel of Bozzuto’s Incorporation, a Chanatry’s supplier, accompanied Hooker.

Brickel pointed to a bag of Syracuse-based Hinerwadel’s salt potatoes.

“We’ve got to let people in Florida and California known that New York state’s got great stuff,” he said.

Vincent Ciccone, Chanatry’s produce manager, said the store makes a concerted effort to offer locally grown produce. He said the local ownership helps because it can price those things reasonably.

“We try to offer low pricing and quality and get them to purchase these items for their family and enjoy it throughout the season,” he said.

The Produce News story ties in with the state’s efforts to promote locally grown produce, Hooker said. The state’s “Pride of New York” campaign has been going on for almost 15 years.


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