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Saturday, 06 May 2017 00:00


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  • - I’ve Learned That You Can Do Something In An Instant That Will Give You Heartache For A Lifetime.
  • - I’ve Learned That It’s Taking Me A Long Time To Be The Person I Wa nt To Be.
  • - I’ve Learned That You Should Always Leave Loved Ones With Loving Wo rds. It May Be The Last Time You See Them.
  • - I’ve Learned That You Can Keep Going Long After You Think You Can’t.
  • - I’ve Learned That We Are Responsible For What We Do, No Matter How We Feel.
  • - I’ve Learned That You Control Yo ur Attitude Or It Controls Yo u.
  • - I’ve Learned That Heroes Are The People Who Do What Has To Be Done When It Needs To Be Done Regardless Of The Consequences.
  • - I’ve Learned That My Best Friend And I Can Do Anything Or Nothing And Have The Best Time.
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