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Saturday, 08 April 2017 00:00

Holy Week Respite

To get to the core of GOD at his greatest, one must first get into the core of himself at his least. Acknowledgeing our weaknesses brings us closer to God who loves us completely. Picture this: God holds us each by a string, Sin and get our of line, we cust the string. God though ties it up again, making a knot. Each time our wrong doing cuts the string. God ties another Knot, drawing us closer to him.

Saturday, 15 April 2017 00:00


Lord, Thank you for the gift of HOPE
You gave us on Easter morning.
Because of you we know
That no problem is too difficult
And even death does not have power over us.
Thank you for the gift of JOY
You gave us when you were resurrected.
Because of you we know
That no matter how challenging life may be,
In the end we will rejoice again.
Thank you for this gift of LOVE.
- Amen